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"Tender" "Moist and juicy" "Best I’ve ever had!" That's not us talking. Those are our customers, who rave about our oak and hickory smoked brisket. And why shouldn't they! We use our special dry rub and slow smoke our briskets to perfection. You'll soon be adding your words to describe our signature meat.


Meaty, tasty and falling off the bone is what you will remember. St. Louis Cut Ribs. Choice Beef Chuck Ribs.No matter which cut you order, you'll probably want a full rack all to yourself.


Whether you favor German or Jalapeño Cheddar, our specially crafted sausage will pop in your mouth. Try a link on a plate, on a sandwich or wrapped inside a warm tortilla. Whatever your flavor, you’ll come back for more.


It's not just for Thanksgiving Day. Our turkey breast is dry rubbed with another special blend and smoked to tender perfection. It is another fan favorite.

Jalapeño Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Creamy, cheesy and loaded with bacon and jalapeño. You'll ask yourself, "Where have you been all my life?" A cup, a quart or a pan. The choice is yours.

Notcha Mommas Slaw

Sure, we have our Southern-style cole slaw, but give our special slaw a try. It’s vinegar based with a lighter blend that not only will fill you up, but will remind you that it's definitely "Notcha Momma’s Cole Slaw".


What can we say? We grew up proudly fixin’ and eatin’ tacos, so we definitely know how to make them better than anyone else around. Period! And don't get us started on the Forrest Gump-type litany of what can go into your tacos. If we have it, then you can have it!