Our Commitment to You

Dear MUA NATION FOLLOWERS in response to COVID-19:

We want to inform you we have proactively increased our frequency and extent of cleaning at both of our locations. We are currently not offering fountain drinks and have gone to serving only single service bottled or canned drinks at our locations.

We’ve removed all sauce bottles and we are only offering portion controlled and sealed packaged sauces. We are wiping down tables with single-service-use paper towels, wipes and discarding each immediately. We are not using cloth towels to wipe down, to avoid potentially spreading on surfaces that which may be absorbed on those cloth towels.

With so much information and speculation as to what to expect next, let’s keep in mind everyone of us must use our best judgement and common sense.

Clearly we respect everyone’s decisions and right to safeguard their families and we thank those of you who continue to patronize us. As a family-owned restaurant, we also are consumers and we will stay informed and adapt our health and safety policies and responsibilities according to best practices in order to safely serve our guests and our families.

We pray all of this shall pass and, of course, we continue to pray for those families impacted by COVID-19.


Andy Sedino
Founder/ Pitmaster/ Owner